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Do you want to work directly with one of Jeanne Kelly’s trained credit experts? This is how you can; we will review your credit reports in detail, set you up with a credit action plan & help you work on getting healthy credit.  It doesn’t matter if you are starting new, rebuilding from bad credit, or you just want to learn more about your credit score. Jeanne’s team will give you practical advice and insight in a private one-on-one phone-based training session. Jeanne has been helping people with their credit for over 15 years and now she wants one of her trained experts to help you!


Credit Repair Program

You will get

  • Credit consultation
  • In-depth credit analysis
  • Credit recommendations

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My Top 5 Rules

#1 Keep aware of what is on your credit report.

#2 Balances, balances, balances—keep them to 20% or less of your high credit limit.

#3 Pay all your minimum payments on time.

#4 Inquires, be careful whom you allow to pull your credit report.

#5 Maintain healthy credit—don’t walk away from your credit. Pull out those cards and use them.

The Credit Makeover

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Your credit is more important than ever! You need “good credit” to get a loan or a mortgage, to save money on interest, to protect yourself from identity theft, and even (in some cases) to help you get or keep a job. How will YOUR credit stand up to scrutiny? Is it time for a credit makeover? In The Credit Makeover, credit coach Jeanne Kelly walks you step by step through the simple strategies to help get beautiful, shining credit that you can be proud of. The Credit Makeover is essential reading for anyone who wants to clean up their credit or ensure that their good credit is protected. You’ll learn everything you need to create radiant credit to live your very best life from one of America’s leading credit experts. Jeanne Kelly is a highly respected authority on credit, credit reports, credit scores, and credit repair. Her writing appears in The Huffington Post and other sources, and she’s appeared on The Today Show. The Credit Makeover is her second book.

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