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Build Your Credit

Your credit is a picture of your financial history and how you manage your financial commitments. Lenders, employers, and even potential romantic partners rely on your credit to help them learn more about you.

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So what does your credit say about you?

Build the best credit to…
• Access cash or loans when you need it
• Borrow more money and pay lower interest
• Remain competitive in the job market
• Protect yourself from identity theft
• … And more!

Avoid Bad Credit

Bad credit can be devastating. It can restrict your availability to money, reducing your housing and transportation options; it can make you less competitive in the workplace; it can even result in more money spent on interest on any loans you might need.

Bad credit can be caused by several issues. For example, poor credit habits can lead to unhealthy credit. But that’s not all. There are several reasons why you might have bad credit and not even realize it, including errors on your credit reports or even identity theft.

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Avoid bad credit by regularly pulling your credit reports and reviewing them – at least twice a year. And make sure you are using your credit cards and paying them on time. This is a small investment of time and effort that reaps big rewards. Remember: Credit can decline quickly. It’s easier to maintain good credit and avoid bad credit than it is to rebuild your credit once it has declined.

Jeanne Kelly provides a number of ideas and strategies to help you avoid credit mistakes and protect yourself from credit-hurting factors outside of your control. To get started, check out some of her resources below. Start today to ensure that your credit doesn’t spiral out of your control.

Recover from Bad Credit

Credit is so essential and yet it’s often misunderstood or ignored. If your credit has been hurt by poor credit practices, misinformation, or identity theft, you may feel the impact with restricted access to money and higher interest rates.

The good news is, bad credit is not permanent. You can recover! Replace those bad credit habits with good credit habits, eliminate the errors, and establish stronger identity protection. The process is simple but it takes a bit of discipline and time.

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Jeanne Kelly can show you exactly how to recover from bad credit through her easy-to-follow, step-by-step methods that work surprisingly fast and don’t call for massive sacrifice. You may also choose to use a secured credit card, like this Visa card or this MasterCard, to help establish good credit history.

Jeanne has helped thousands of people rebuild from the devastating impact of bad credit. If your score is low and if you realize just how critical healthy credit is, make changes today. To get started, pull your credit report and choose from some of Jeanne’s credit-improving resources below.