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Hire Jeanne Kelly and her team of highly-trained credit specialists to help you master your credit. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting new, rebuilding from bad credit, or you want to protect yourself from the growing threat of identity theft. Jeanne and her team delivers practical advice and insight in respectful, private one-on-one phone-based coaching sessions. Hire them for a one-time review to help you get going!

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Ready For Good Credit is the #1 place on the internet where you can get real answers to your real credit questions. Experienced credit professionals have collaborated to make this the easiest and fastest way to learn about your credit. With this site you can take control of your future! Learn my best credit advice, tips, game plans and make the most of your credit score and stop letting bad credit hinder your success and dreams.

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My Top 5 Rules

#1 Keep aware of what is on your credit report.

#2 Balances, balances, balances—keep them to 20% or less of your high credit limit.

#3 Pay all your minimum payments on time.

#4 Inquires, be careful whom you allow to pull your credit report.

#5 Maintain healthy credit—don’t walk away from your credit. Pull out those cards and use them.

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Let credit coach Jeanne Kelly reveal to you exactly how you can make positive changes to your credit in as little as 90 days. Her first book, The 90-Day Credit Challenge, shows you exactly what to do – step-by-step – to make meaningful improvements to your credit, fast! Simply pull your credit and follow the steps outlined in her book. Thousands of other readers have trusted her clear and straightforward advice.

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Jeanne Kelly, Credit Coach